Business Formation Wizard

Not Sure Whether Incorporating or Forming an LLC is Right for You? Let our wizard help. First, answer these questions:

1 Do you want to protect personal assets (like your home, car, and savings) from lawsuits against your business?
2 Will your business do any of the following:
  • Sell products or provide services to the public or to other businesses?
  • Invite customers into your home, office, or store?
  • Have employees or contractors?
  • Take on debt?
3 Will family members or friends help you operate your business?
4 Will your business have investors or partners?
5 Do you want to raise capital by selling stock to investors?
6 Do you want to improve the credibility of your business?
7 Do you want to reduce your self-employment taxes? is a service company. It does not provide legal advice, and its services are not the substitute for advice from a licensed attorney.